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Wirral Charity Post

Everyone in Wirral can buy the special Scout & Guide Christmas Post stamps and use them to send Christmas cards to friends and relatives in Wirral – please note that only Christmas cards will be accepted and cards will only be delivered within the Wirral peninsula.  The cards can be posted in special Scout Posting Boxes from where they are collected, sorted and delivered by members and supporters of the Group and other Wirral Scout & Guide Groups.  There are lots of outlets within Wirral where you can buy stamps and post cards but please note that you will only be supporting OUR Group when you purchase direct from us or our nominated outlets.  Each Group receives a distribution of the money collected from stamps sales according to the number of stamps sold by the particular Group and the number of cards they deliver in their local area.

We always take part in the Christmas Post and as one of our biggest single annual fundraiser, it is very important that everyone is supportive.  Each year we sell about 16,500 stamps and deliver about 7,000 cards which takes a lot of effort.

For the 2015 Wirral Scout & Guide Christmas Post we raised £1,918.31 (down £126.30 from 2014) – THANK YOU to all the sorters and posties!

Our main stamp selling effort is in Bromborough Village, over about 4 weeks usually starting towards the end of November.

Card sorting usually starts in the second week of December and lasts about 2 weeks.  We sort at our HQ each day from about 09:30.  We also have to send two people to the District Sorting Office each night to help with the main sorting.  Deliveries take place over two weekends, usually the two immediately before Christmas.

We do get good help from our supporters and parents, but obviously the more people who help, the lighter the individual load, so please try to find some time to help sell stamps, help sort cards and of course help with the deliveries.  Even an hour or two would be really useful.

Outlets for stamp sales supporting the Group in 2015

  • Your childs/wards Section Leader
  • St Barnabas Village Centre
  • Bromborough Cross Post Office
  • Andersons Travel, Bromborough Village
  • The Photo Shop, Bromborough Village
  • Village Café, Bromborough Village
Stamp Sales, Collections & Deliveries in 2016.
  • Stamps go on sale –
  • First collection –
  • First delivery –
  • Final collection – at midday
  • Final delivery –

Further details about the Wirral Charity Christmas Post can be found at Wirral Charity Christmas Post website.

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